Fact Checking Fox News

I chose to fact check foxnews.com. I chose this site because it is the one I have heard about most. I checked on wikipedia to see what other say about fox news. It is a real site with real news. Fox News is a news channel. They talk about the world, business, weather, politics, entertainment, and much much more. They even have stocks posted. I feel as though if the site provides the weather forecast, then there is another reason why I would believe what they say. It is available on American basic cable and on satellite cable. It does however say that there are several controversies.  Many other sites refer back to fox news. Fox news researches their stories before they talk about them. they are a very reliable source. They cater to their audience, whether that be students, politicians, house wives, whomever watches the channel or visits their website. Fox_News_Channel_logo


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