Coffee = Longer Life

There were two recent studies that declared drinking coffee leads to a longer lifespan. The post was on CNN. com .

I followed up with one of the links to go upstream. I found the source of the study. I came to a cite called . The objective of the study was to find out whether the consumption of coffee is associated with mortality. The setting of the study was in ten European countries. there were 521,330 participants enrolled in EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition). The conclusion of the study stated that drinking coffee reduced the risk of death. 

The second linked to the second study. This study’s objective was to examine the association of coffee consumption with risk for total and cause-specific death. The setting of this study took place in Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. The participants in this study included 185, 855 African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and whites aged 45 to 75 years at recruitment. The conclusion of this study was that higher consumption of coffee was associated with lower risk for death in African Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, and whites.

Well that concludes it. If you want to live as long as you possibly can, drink more coffee. If you wish to die sooner, don’t drink as much coffee.

Happy Drinking!


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