Methane Emissions From Livestock (Draft)



I decided to fact check a recent news article named: Methane Emissions From Livestock Are Contributing to Global Warming Much More Than Scientists Thought from the website I thought the headline was relevant to me because I am a huge animal person. I love animals . I found this article when I went into Google News tab and searched “recent study”. This was not the first choice I had to see but it was on the first page. I think Google’s algorithm knew that I love animals by the things I search. On my computer I mostly search about animals and anything animal related. This is a big topic on which I talk about.  It must have known that I’d find this article to be very interesting.

Also I think this is relevant to me because in my other class called Intro to Writing Arts, I have a twitter account as my mini-blog. My twitter is about animals and nature. The stars on my twitter feed are my own animals from my own backyard. I have four different kinds of animals at the moment. There are cats, chickens, a dog, and a rabbit. I try to post daily on there to keep it up to date with my animal life at home. If you’d like to check it out be my guest.

So after I clicked on the link it lead me immediately to the site and showed the post.The first thing that pops up is the title and a picture.  Once saw the picture I looked underneath at the caption to see what they had to say about the picture. It read:

In the Sept. 22, 2017, photo above, a farmer works to move a herd to another field in Glen Flora, Texas. A recent study suggests methane emission estimates from livestock are larger than researchers previously thought.

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)


This is good because they cited where the picture came from. The next thing under that are three main bullet points in which the article shares.

  1. A recent study suggests emissions of methane from livestock are much larger than previously estimated.
  2. In 2011, estimates were 11 percent higher than previous data suggested.
  3. Researchers believe the variation in numbers is due to outdated information used to develop the factors used to tally up the emissions.

A definition of methane is A colorless, odorless, flammable gas that is the simplest hydrocarbon. It is the major constituent of natural gas and is released during the decomposition of plant or other organic compounds, as in marshes and coal mines.

I got that definition and pie chart from just a simple google search. The picture of the cow is also just a google search of “methane emissions from livestock.”


As I looked further into the post, I found that was citing throughout their post the original post about the methane emission. I clicked on the link they had provided in order to go upstream. That link had brought me to an online journaling site . This is the original information about the methane emissions coming from livestock. This post was just published on September 29, 2017. Literally the other day. The title of the post was Revised methane emissions factors and spatially distributed annual carbon fluxes for global livestock .This research was conducted with support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) program under Project #NNH13AW58I.

This original post states that livestock methane emissions, while not the dominant overall source of global methane emissions, may be a major contributor to the observed annual emissions increases over the 2000s to 2010s.





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